What is a SAAS Ecommerce Solution?

SAAS Ecommerce solution

A SAAS Ecommerce solution, which stands for Software as a Service, is a technical solution that is accessible directly from your internet browser. Unlike open-source solutions, it will not be necessary to download a set of files to host them on a server: all the information necessary for your site will be hosted directly on the servers of the solution in question.

The most used SAAS solutions in the world are Wax, Jim does or Hub side for the creation of a showcase site. To open an online store, the world leader in the Canadian Shopify.

Advantage of a SAAS solution

The real advantage of a SAAS solution for creating a website is their cost. Indeed, the price of a website in the SAAS version is generally very attractive.

For example, on Wax or Jim do, it is possible to create a simple site for free (without customizing the site’s domain name). The cost to open a professional-looking online store on a solution such as Wiz shop is € 27 excl. tax per month, or barely € 350 for a year.

The other advantage of these solutions is that they provide you with a very advanced design and functionalities, which you would have to pay if you had to go through an open-source site creation solution. How do they do it? They develop the functionality and deploy it on all the sites that use their services. They therefore rationalize developments.

Accessible for beginners, SAAS solutions generally do not require any technical skills to create a website and even your mom could do it!

Disadvantage of a SAAS Ecommerce Solution

The real problem with SAAS Ecommerce solution is the personalization of your site which will be limited.

Indeed, it is necessary to know that you do not own the lines of code that will allow your site to function correctly. Most of the time, you won’t even be able to access a single line of code to make this or that change.

As a result, the possibilities for customizing your site will be limited because, to rationalize development costs, these private companies (for profit of course) develop standard features and provide them to you in an ergonomic manner.

You therefore customize your website using standard templates. A bit like Renault offers to customize your Clio: whether you put a red or green color on the genets, it will still remain a Clio.

So, if your plan is to create a website and develop it in the months that will follow, depending on the evolution of your turnover, I advise you to favor an open-source solution. It will cost you more at the start but you will be a winner in the medium to long term.

Note also that solutions in SAAS mode generally charge a percentage of turnover, in the case of an online store. The amount of the commission depends on your turnover. This commission is therefore to be taken into account because it will be added to the costs already paid during the creation of your website with online payment.

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