Voice Activation Door Locks – Use of Technology in Home Improvement

Smart Locks

We’re all seeing more Voice Activation Door Locks bring advertised and being marketed. From Voice Activated I mean that they may be controlled by Amazon, Google, or Apple devices. Like Alexa unlocked the front door or Google Assistance “Hey Google” lock front door.

How Does Voice Activation Works In Door Locks

So how do these devices work? The basic lock is remarkably like electronic locks, which I will discuss in future articles. They will ordinarily communicate with either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or both. Bluetooth will be used to open or lock the lock; it will be controlled by your smartphone.

Voice Activation

Like all wise or digital locks setup is especially important. It has to be installed so that the mechanical action is extremely smooth and there’s absolutely no binding. The motor inside these locks isn’t as strong as your hand as was the situation in all mechanical locks.

How Smart Locks are Helpful?

These Voice Activation locks can be installed to temporally allow someone in on a one-time foundation, such as cleaning services. They also have a tracking capability with history, so you can decide who entered your house and at what time. Great for making sure your teens come home on time!

Controlling The Locks On Your Voice

For controlling the lock from your smart control this will usually use Wi-Fi. You could establish a pattern where if you said goodnight”Alexa” a routine would begin that shut the lights off, locked the doors, and maybe give you a weather record. It’s infinite on what your routine could be.

Controlled by your voice activation can also be a problem. So, if a burglar came into your front door and said”Hey Google” unlock the front door, would this door unlock? It’s particularly important for any device such as a thermostat, door lock, alarm system, etc., that they can simply be controlled by your voice or the voices that you approved.

Another way would be to set up a secondary authentication just like a security code that the smart control would have to hear before tripping. Most of them have the capacity to learn voices and only respond to those voices. Voice-activated locks within an evolving industry, as they make smarter, they will become more secure and will have the ability to more closely communicate to your smart controller. You will also notice (AI) artificial intelligence play a larger role in household safety.