Corona Virus pandemic and Bill Gates Foundation

Bill Gates and Corona Virus Pandemic

According to the Financial Times report, Microsoft founder Bill Gates orders his foundation to work on the global Corona Virus pandemic in the future to a whole extent. As the Bill & Melinda foundation has an endowment worth $40 billion. And they had work in the past on different social works like HIV, Malaria and Polio eradication. But the total focus of the foundation has now been shifted to the Corona Virus Pandemic and Bill Gates also confirms it.

Apparently some us may not know about this but in the year 2015 Bill Gates during a TED Talk warned the world about a global Corona Virus pandemic that may cause. And we will not be able to control it if we don’t precautions before.

Corona Virus Pandemic

Bill gates told the FT in the same interview that “The foundation has the total attention of the this.” He further added that “Our non-health related work which contains the K-12 and higher education has the complete switched look around. They are working on facilitating the online learning to the students” Not just that in an email that has been mailed to The Verge by a spokesperson of Gates Foundation states “the foundation is committed to its core areas of interest, which includes reducing of the infectious diseases, eliminating the extreme poverty and the improvement of the public education of the people of US”

Disturbing Effect Of Corona Virus Pandemic On Daily Life

The COVID-19 Pandemic has the effect of disturbing all the areas of work and ripple effects will be felt for the coming years.” The foundation has also announced a $250 million funding to date and commitment to support the strategic investment fund towards the Corona Virus pandemic. They also say that they are increasingly focused on the expertise of their staff and support the partnership to urgent cause in order to end this pandemic.

These are the unprecedented times but our belief says that all lives have equal value. Our commitment to addressing the support of our work remains the more than critical says the foundation.

As we described earlier the gates foundation had already pledged a total amount of $250 million in order to support the therapeutics, diagnostics, and the vaccines in order to support the South Asian and African health systems.

They are also helping these health systems to mitigate the economic and social impact of the virus. Also the Foundation is working with the World Health Organization and the many other organizations all around the world.

In the same interview to the FT the Gates states that “This emergency Corona Virus pandemic has distracted a lot of the work in most of the areas of life. There is a less number of peoples who are able to show up for the routine to immunization or to the supply chains of the immunization. It is not working all well. This causes hundreds of thousands of deaths right there. There is a huge rebound in the infection of malaria if we can’t be getting malaria treatment more effectively.

Bill Gates Comment on WHO Funding

He also added that he has a firm belief in this that Trump administration will eventually decide that WHO “should probably get the more money, not less amount of money”

As the CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates Stepped down in the year 2000 and latest completely left his full-time role in 2008. To focus on the foundation work only.