Marketing is one of the fundamental processes to run any business. If it is not ruling the marketplace somehow, you’ll find its probability of long-term endurance pretty darn slim. Marketing stunts, however, can bring the desired success and spawn a butt-load of publicity for businesses.

While an overstep could smash your brand’s status, the right step can take your business to heights. Therefore, if you are thinking about executing a marketing stunt, you need to be confident to pull it off without hindrance. What can you do that will have thousands, if not millions, of individuals worship your brand?

Here, we’ll be highlighting some of the critical elements involved in planning a successful marketing stunt.

Let’s go.

  1. Listen To Your Audience

Let’s make one thing clear: once you start executing who-would’ve-ever-thought kind of stunts, there’s no going back. In addition to this, knowing your audience is a crucial consideration.

Stunts are viable for brands looking to stand out in a sea of other brands. The trick is to know your audience in a personal and intimate manner. How will they take the stunt, and are you being thought-provoking, activating, or funny? Whatever you are doing, make sure the audience has a say in it and understands the conveyed message. Also, try not to be offensive because that could create a dent in your reputation. Just keep your audience happy and in-tact.

  1. Keep Building Links

It is one of the oldest strategies in the book, but it never ceases to amaze.

So, if you want to make every-visit-to-your-website count, try implementing a powerful backlink strategy. It’s everything you need to have more and more people view your content and witness your services/products to a point where they tend to buy.

But hold up, what is link building? We thought you’d ask.

It is the practice of enabling your website links to publish on others. This is how your website becomes popular. In general, you can boil a handful of “white hat” link building tips in two simple steps:

  • Create something astonishing (and therefore worthy of a mention)
  • Share it with people who can relate to your content (and thus link with it)

It is a highly remarkable step to executing a groundbreaking marketing stunt, and it also speeds up the process of “being on top.”

  1. Ensure that it Doesn’t Devalue your Brand

Driving sales is challenging, especially in a cutthroat competitive market. But a well-designed marketing stunt has the power to increase sales and brand awareness. However, be cautious and ensure that your action stays within your branding and does not degrade or cheapen your products/services. In other words, play it safe.

For example, you can choose to move outside the box by using a whimsical video of something iconic that will surely bring laughter and joy to the table.Additionally, if you can get your marketing stunt into the conventional broadcast, it is incredibly delightful for your business. Then, you have a confined audience that could be reaching out to your service or product, expanding your recognition nationally and internationally.

  1. Make it Visually Appealing

Marketing stunts must be visually appealingto engage the minds and hearts of the desired audience.  If you aren’t able to noodle it up, consider how P.T Barnum prepared parades when the circus came into existence. There’s nothing more visual than dancers, loud music, elephants, and costumed characters marching down the main street in your hometown. It occupies the media and the public alike. It’s fun and memorable. Attempt to do the same for your business and make it popular among the people. Ensure that this kind of popularity comes smoothly and naturally through suitable visual content.

  1. Time it Right

Timing can play a vital role in the viral flora of a stunt. If the creative thought is that compelling, a brand can take an occasion, such as National Pizza Day or Earth Day, to advertise its products/services.

However, there is a risk of being outshined on these occasions. But if you believe your stunt is remarkable enough to shine bright, even in an out of an occasion-based time, go for it. The authenticity and originality of your stunt will speak for themselves.

  1. Strike an Attention to Detail and Be Manageable

Risk management and attention to detail are, by far, essential things to consider if you are planning to execute a marketing stunt in 2021 (and beyond). Therefore, analyze your options and implement them sensibly. In addition to being “striking,” don’t over-do it because you don’t want to offend anyone. Besides that, you need to know precisely how you are planning to do it before you announce it. If the strategy fails to work out, the results will not be pleasant.

  1. Take Advantage of the #Challenge Format

No doubt, marketing stunts work everywhere. They appear in the form of #challenges these days. It seems a bit informal, but it’s the way of Gen Z. The key to creating a gone-wild challenge is to know your target audience. Collaborate with an influencer, perform a practical challenge, and put it on the right platform. And hey presto, your following list will exceed. If you can pull off everything correctly, your #challenge could sweep the nation and be viral everywhere.

  1. Embody the Brand’s Principal Narrative

Marketing stunts are phenomenal as long as they are a natural element of the brand. When they truly represent the brand and its principal narrative, they attract people, generate buzz and media coverage. But stunts that have no resemblance to the brand’s essence can come across as forced, frantic, and even tacky. The lesson here is to release a statement that contains every element of your brand.

Final Words

Any marketing stunt has the potential to strengthen – or descend – your brand.

The takeaway from these hot-right-now tips for executing a flawless marketing stunt is that hopping on trends can pay off in doves. Also, it showcases the influence that viral marketing and social media can have on a brand. Real, eye-catching marketing is more competitive today than it has ever been as attention spans dilute year over year. Therefore, if you want your marketing campaign to break borders, you need to be on-point and supremely useful. Only then will people notice.